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The Art of Thinking Poorly

Dele Omotosho
Dele Omotosho
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What does good thinking look like?

Thinking is hard work.

To write well, you must think well, that's more work. And that's a start.

To write well, read a lot. This helps you see what good writing looks like. You know what to steal and how to craft your own voice. Importantly:

You originate better thoughts—The road towards expertise.

Don't let "gurus" fool you, the road to expertise is a long, patient and sometimes a painful one. It is equally rewarding.


My Favorite Tip This Week

Don't go straight for the coffee or tea when you wake up. Go straight to the water. Not only does that help hydrate you, but it also helps make you alert. And it's also healthier.

What I'm Enjoying Lately

Seriously, this book is 🔥
Seriously, this book is 🔥

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