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An Anti-Forecast

Dele Omotosho
Dele Omotosho
1 min read

So... 2020, huh?

How has 2020 been for you so far?

With everything the world has been through this year, things will not be the same. The question for you is, how can you take advantage of the shift to put yourself or your product in a better place.

Think of your [product] positioning and think of the shift the market is having (and will have). Are they aligned?

What are the old tricks you should kills and the new opportunity you should pursue?

This is the time to look at the trends, look at the insights, and see how you can better position yourself for the future.

From what we've all seen this year, many things will just never go back to normal. An example, those who swore by office-or-nothing, gone. Sorry.

My Favorite Article This Week

Smart Things About That Lazy Employee You’re Not Seeing

What I'm Enjoying Lately

Right, I'm learning to write properly again...

To your success,



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