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docassemble, Document Automation

Setup Docassemble Document Automation Locally

With assembling your documents, Microsoft Word only goes so far. We continue our docassemble journey by setting up docassemble to run without a remote server.

Marketing, Marketing Technology

Setup a self-hosted Ghost CMS on CapRover

WordPress can be headache to manage. In this guide, I walk you through how to set up a fast and simple alternative, Ghost CMS, without paying the $29 - $299 in monthly fees. At the end of this guide, you will have a site like Buffer's blog.

Knowledge Management

How to Sync Logseq Notes Across Windows, Mac and Mobile

Logseq doesn't allow you to sync outside of iCloud, if you prefer Dropbox or Google Drive, that's a problem. Let’s fix that issue.

How to Sync Logseq Notes Across Windows, Mac and Mobile
Document Automation, code editor

Connect VS Code to GitHub for Legal Coding

If you're a legal professional and want to automate your document assembling process at the unbeatable price of FREE, you're in the right place. Tools like theformtool, HotDocs, Pythagoras, etc have comparable feature, the cost adds up. And for docassemble there's a catch: The learning curve is steep. That's where


Learning to Learn

When's the last time you learned something useful? Something that really shifted your knowledge and made a personal difference? How about the last time you found something "interesting" online—or several "interesting" things online? Here's how to make it stick better.


The Art of Thinking Poorly

What does good thinking look like? Thinking is hard work. To write well, you must think well, that's more work. And that's a start. To write well, read a lot. This helps you see what good writing looks like. You know what to steal and how to craft your own


The Focus Problem

It's hard seeing things through. Since I heard of the magpie, when someone hops from one thing to the next, I think of this bird.

You, Inc.

This year, protect your best asset: you. No matter how productive, inventive or anything else you might be, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of the only thing that is irreplaceable—yourself.


An Anti-Forecast

So... 2020, huh? How has 2020 been for you so far? With everything the world has been through this year, things will not be the same. The question for you is, how can you take advantage of the shift to put yourself or your product in a better place. Think

Marketing, Moonshot

Getting Everything You Can - #1

Never fall in love with... Hello friend, In the next few emails, I will share lessons from my distant mentor, Jay Abrahams (the 21.7 billion dollar man) — with application to digital products. Here's a start: they fall in love with the wrong thing The wrong thing can even be