winning the war of art

It’s hard seeing things through.

Since I heard of the magpie, when someone hops from one thing to the next, I think of this bird.

The magpie is a very intelligent, like many. It collects shiny things, like many. And like many, it doesn’t see things through meaningfully.

lure of jumping to the next shiny object is more appealing than sticking to build a shiny object out of what you already have.

Is that you?

Do you give up because something more “interesting” or “practical” came along. Maybe you don’t want to admit to yourself that you’re not willing to stay in the grind?

Building anything meaningful is hard (regardless of what “gurus” like you to think) and I love it because, it naturally filters the wannabes from the real deal who get to enjoy the true gains of building something meaningful.

Which are you?


An Unlikely Book on Maintaining Focus
An Unlikely Book on Maintaining Focus

To your success,


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