Is anything else more important than you?

This year, protect your best asset: you.

No matter how productive, inventive or anything else you might be, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of the only thing that is irreplaceable—yourself.

I don’t mean hire bodyguards, but be in the best of health possible. Exercise more? Eat healthier?

2020 was a year of the COVID-19, we’re unsure how that will play out this year and as you’ve read from me a few times last year—never stop keeping an eye out for opportunities, there’s lots of opening in the marketplace.

My Favorite Article This Week

A Complete Guide to Tagging for Personal Knowledge Management

What I’m Enjoying Lately

Bill Bryson's Made in America
Bill Bryson’s Made in America

Bill Bryson always delivers

Here’s to the best of your health in 2021

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