Never fall in love with…

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In the next few emails, I will share lessons from my distant mentor, Jay Abrahams (the 21.7 billion dollar man) — with application to digital products.

Here’s a start:

they fall in love with the wrong thing

The wrong thing can even be your solution to a problem, it can be a your company’s ethos, it can be your teammates. You notice the trend — don’t fall in love with what you assume, fall in love with:

Your Clients and their problems.


this is the a must read for anyone interested in the business of software
This is the a must read for ANYONE interested in the business of software

My Favorite Article This Week

Social media promised to connect us, but made us isolated and tribal instead

What I’m Enjoying Lately

this is now my design bible and textbook - thanks adam!
This is Now my Design Bible and Textbook – Thanks Adam!

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