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The NPF Method: Building A Customer-First Tech Product


Regardless of what you know about computers or software, here’s one thing I can assure you: Today, building a software-based business is easier than ever.  I know, I know… you don’t believe me [yet] and that’s OK.  In this guide, you will soon learn why that is. I will walk through a framework for building your first tech product even if you don’t know how...

50 Ways I’m Trying to Get My LIFE Together


Live below my means, try hard to avoid all debt. If it’s really important if I can’t afford it now, I can save up for it, again, it can always wait.Just as important is saving — especially for emergencies. It will happen, I have to realize, it.Exercise. Everyday is ideal — we are meant to be active animals, sweat a bit everyday. I’m crazily addicted to this app.Be capable of self-defense. One...

Getting Up and Going in Life


One day you will wake up and it might seem like you’re up against a brick wall, it might seem all bleak. You’re not alone. Here’s some relieve: Every night, think of two things you’re grateful for, write them down. Even better, if they involve people, thank them; over the phone, via email, or in person.Try meditation. It relaxes your waring mind. If you have trouble concentration, trying saying a...

How to Start Living your Life and Stop Caring about other “Crap”


My friend confessed to me something we all face everyday: she’s too worried about what people will say, or how people will perceive her if she does something she really wants to do. She’s not living her life. I was once there, and sometime still face the perils. This piece changed how I approached “…but they’d say about me”. This piece is almost verbatim, I only cleaned it slightly to me it “PG”...

Nigerians, remember June 12, 1993?


I was a lot younger then, living in Lagos and remember clearly the chaos when I was returning home from school that fateful day. The worst riot I have ever physically witnessed in my lifetime. For those who have forgotten or have no idea: the then head of state, IBB [1. You can read a whole lot about this man: ] cancelled the election that had MKO, [2. I personally don’t think this man is as much...

The Mis-education of Africans – Part 4


To wrap up the year, I’m writing the last of the series. And, I’m still under that premise that we are all Africans. I recently finished James Altucher’s book, ‘I Was Blind, Now I See: Time to be Happy’ and there really is no better way to wrap up than refer heavily to his many home hitting points on our mis-education. What is Happiness? “I believed that marriage would lead to a happy life...

The mis-education of Africans – Part 2


I was always thinking there is an innate purpose to life; as I progress through life, I’m slowly realizing [with some comfort] life has no purpose, none whatsoever — not to say there is no point to living. The point to living is, crafting a point, not living one that is pre-destined. In these series of posts, I’m assuming the innate purposelessness of life and like everyone else, I’m shamelessly...