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Dele on Things

I'm not a Guru. I'm like you.

I'm in the trenches, using software to solve challenging problems in places like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. If I don't deliver, I don't eat.

No VC-money, no wishful thinking, just good old market-driven approach. It's hard building a profitable software business. It's 10x harder crazier in an emerging economy.

Here, I share market-tested playbooks to make it easier for you.

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The NPF Method: Building A Customer-First Tech Product

Regardless of what you know about computers or software, here’s one thing I can assure you: Today, building a software-based business is easier than ever.  I know, I know… you don’t believe me [yet] and that’s OK.  In this guide, you

Recent Articles

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Learning to Learn

When's the last time you learned something useful? Something that really shifted your knowledge and made a personal difference? How about the last time you found something "interesting" online—or several "interesting" things online? Here's how to make it stick better.

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The Art of Thinking Poorly

What does good thinking look like?Thinking is hard work. To write well, you must think well, that's more work. And that's a start. To write well, read a lot. This helps you see what good writing looks like. You know what to steal and how to craft your own

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The Focus Problem

It's hard seeing things through. Since I heard of the magpie, when someone hops from one thing to the next, I think of this bird.