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Hello, I’m Dele

I use my over a decade of insider experience building apps for big companies to help working professionals like you turn app ideas into functioning, monetizable products — even if you have no tech experience.

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Setting Up Google Drive Credentials on Activepieces (Open Source Zapier Alternative)

Here's how to set up your Google Drive credentials for Activepieces, an open-source alternative to Zapier. It guides users through creating a new project in the Google Cloud console, enabling the Google Drive API, creating credentials, and connecting them to Activepieces. The tutorial aims to empower users to bring their own Google Drive API credential. ...

Unleash Your Creativity with the CRC Method

🌟 Unleash your creativity with the CRC Method! 🎨
Whether you're curating ideas, remixing them, or bringing something new to life, there's always room for innovation.

Nothing is ever truly new, but everything you create is uniquely yours.

#CreativityUnleashed #InnovativeThinking #CRCMethod #ProfessionalDevelopment

The Real Reason You Need to Learn How to Code - It's Not What You Think!

What problem will you tackle next?

Developing problem-solving skills is essential for today's world. THIS is the value coding brings. Thankfully it's simpler.

#BIPOCInTech #ProblemSolver #CodeForChange

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