How to predict a market’s future

The usual advice you get when building something new is, “just do it”. How about if you can look into the future and know if what you’re doing is any good?

Let’s take an example:

Say I want to get into the meal kit delivery business like HelloFresh. Let’s see what my chances of success are. I go to and type in “meal prep kit”:

Interest over 5 years in US
Interest over 5 years in US


This is a good sign. In about 2 minutes I can see that this market is steadily increasing. An excellent sign of longevity and future money for you.

This is a market I should investigate more and start doing my other prep work/

By comparison, let’s say I’m trying to build an app for the famous “fidget spinner”. That looks like this:

Interest over 5 years
Interest over 5 years

Run far. Very far!

You get the gist.

Understanding and timing the market brings luck.

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