Set Up Your Free WordPress Hosting with InfinityFree

In this lesson, we setup free hosting with Infinity Free to prepare for installing WordPress.

Key action: Create a hosting account.


  1. Setting up a WordPress server: Dele provides step-by-step guidance on setting up a free hosting account on InfinityFree to host a WordPress site.
  2. Importance of domain name: Dele emphasizes the significance of choosing and verifying a domain name, whether it’s a free subdomain or a custom domain.
  3. Ensuring password security: Dele emphasizes the importance of creating a secure password and saving it for future use.
  4. Understanding the process: Dele explains the distinction between setting up a server and installing WordPress, laying the groundwork for the next lesson.

Your Next Step:

Go to Infinity Free and create a free hosting account for your WordPress site. Remember to use a valid email address, save your account password, and open your control panel to complete the setup.