If you are to start learning to code today, it’s overwhelming but don’t worry, there’s a simpler alternative: don’t learn to code.

Here are two alternate paths:

  • “No Code” and
  • “Coding is plumbing”

The core to both of these ideas lies in focusing on the hardest bit of today’s business, figuring the problem you want to solve. Coding comes a distant second.

Well, you have to code at some point but you don’t know how to code? That’s a smaller problem — build a no-code MVP.

Your MVP is working our great and you’ve reached the limit of what it can do? “Plumb” your code together using many great frameworks (a secret in software is, no-one ever starts from scratch). This requires more investment in time but then, you’ve confirm (with you MVP), it’s worth it.


Building Apps with No Code
Building Apps with No Code

Think I’m joking? Here are several apps built on Bubble.io

Have a great week ahead!

  • Dele

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