1. Live below my means, try hard to avoid all debt. If it’s really important if I can’t afford it now, I can save up for it, again, it can always wait.
  2. Just as important is saving — especially for emergencies. It will happen, I have to realize, it.
  3. Exercise. Everyday is ideal — we are meant to be active animals, sweat a bit everyday. I’m crazily addicted to this app.
  4. Be capable of self-defense. One day, there will be a need for it, and at that point, it might be too late.
  5. Pursue goals that don’t require money. There is always joy in getting expertise in something that I enjoy — I will pursue this a lot more.
  6. Travel, travel more and more before spending money on houses or cars. I should buy time, and memories and use it, before “settling down”.
  7. Give back. Always.
  8. Do the right thing every time. In fact, this should become a habit.
  9. Say “I love you” wholeheartedly. And without self-consciousness.
  10. Read more. Shooting for a book a week. I dutifully do this here
  11. Take Responsibility for my actions.
  12. If I want it, I take it, and pay the price. I’ve found there is really no free lunch. Nope. No free lunch ever.
  13. Be willing to let go of beliefs. If what I’ve done in the last 5 years isn’t working, I should be willing to change it.
  14. Be moderate. And sometimes, go overboard — it’s OK.
  15. Stop making excuses. It’s never anyone’s fault, I have the ability to now control my self, nothing will work until I start owning up to things.
  16. Follow through on things. Start something, if it’s not working, stop it, or move it to complete,; I shouldn’t leave things hanging everywhere.
  17. Keep a master list of long-range goals.
  18. Accept defeat with grace. Many of it will happen.
  19. Know how to cheat. It’s a fact of life, many will want to take advantage of me, I should understand how to deal with it. This book was of great help
  20. If it’s critical do it myself, it it’s not delegate. This difference is important.
  21. Don’t lie. If telling the truth in a situation is difficult, speaking my way around it, never lying.
  22. Don’t borrow. Pay as I go; borrowing keeps me indebted to the person I owe.
  23. Spending time with someone is more important than spending money. It’s important.
  24. Tragedy happens. I have to learn what I can from the situation and move on.
  25. Be prepared. Always, at least as much as I can be.
  26. Get lost once in a while. Not just in my head, by physically get lost, and savor the moment. Stop playing it too safe.
  27. Carry a folding knife. It’s a tool of choice for our species for years. I always carry this.
  28. Buy quality and take care of it. Forget junk! It might start our been cheap, but it gets expensive.
  29. Set boundaries and respect them. Ignore people who don’t
  30. Don’t try to change anyone. It’s important to learn the difference between help and co-dependent enabling.
  31. Stop arguing. It gets exhausting.
  32. Lead by example, not big, and long talk.
  33. I will be an idiot occasionally. I should embrace is a an opportunity to tell good stories, learn from it, and forgive myself.
  34. Don’t be selfish.
  35. Say “please” and “thank you”. Simple courtesy that’s easy to forget, I should do it a lot more.
  36. Turn the TV off and go read. No excuses
  37. Listen more than I talk.
  38. Learn empathy.
  39. Go the extra mile. Even when no one does it for me.
  40. What doesn’t kill me, make me stronger.
  41. Not everyone likes me. And that’s OK, I don’t have to try to please everyone.
  42. Right now is good time to stop the bullshit. Get real, it might hurt, but I’d be real.
  43. Someone is waiting for me to ask. Ask today.
  44. I’m occasionally obvious to the obvious. I should keep my eyes wide open.
  45. Don’t buy stuff on sale. If I need is, buy, it. I must respect value not price.
  46. Love will always have baggage attached. Get over it, and enjoy the moment.
  47. The easy way is often the right way. I should always keep things as simple as possible.
  48. Learn my craft — never look for shortcuts. I have to pay my dues, I should find my path and walk it.
  49. What people think of me is irrelevant BUT the mark I leave on the world matters. I must play my part to make the world of those around me a better place. Real courage is fear in action. I cannot afford to underplay my hand.
  50. No one gets out of this world alive. I have to live my life with full gusto.

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