the unSanctity of Life I


In class yesterday I think I stunned a few when I attempted to argue that living is not that special–I pointed out that life has no sanctity. In the medical ethics class (on the topic on Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide), we where discussing the case of a man who killed his 12 years old daughter cerebral palsy who has developed extreme severity; ultimately ‘Latimer has consistently claimed that he killed his daughter, by placing her in his farm truck and connecting the exhaust pipe to the cabin, in order to relieve her suffering.'(please read the full story here) And the Professor asked we discuss the rightness or wrong of this; most in the class concluded life is too precious to be taken away.

I disagreed, with passion. There is nothing, I pointed that makes our life extremely different from those animals, bacteria or cancer cells we kill daily. You can expect that I will get more hate than I can imagine (some even thought I was going insane).

Since I couldn’t discuss the depth of the argument in this 50 minutes class, where I wish I recite this to them:

on the Sanctity of Life,
A bunch of Shit Talk.
Life is Sacred…says who?
If you read history this God
is the leading cause of death
and has been for thousands of years–
Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians
all killing each other
‘the sword of God’, ‘the blood of the lamb’, ‘vengeance is mine’–
Millions dead.
The wrong answer to the God question:
‘You believe in God?’ ‘No’–dead!
‘You believe in God?’ ‘Yes’
‘You believe in my God?’ ‘No’–dead!
…for thousands of years
…all the best wars,
the brutal wars, the craziest wars all fueled on religious hatred.
Forget sanctity of life!
And if there is, not from God.
We, humans, made it up!
‘Cause we’re alive–self-interest
We, promoting the idea that somehow
our life is sacred.
Dead people don’t talk about this…
They don’t care, they are dead!
It all grows from our biased point of view
It is a self-serving man-made-crap
One of the things we tell ourselves
…to feel good
Life is sacred–making us feel noble.
Think of it:
if everything that ever lived is dead,
And everything that is alive will die,
Where is there sanctity?
We are hypocritical.
Think of it:
We kill mosquitoes, flies–’cause they are pest
Lions and tigers–’cause it’s fun
Chickens and pigs–’cause we’re hungry
Pheasants and Quails–’cause it’s fun and we’re hungry
People–’cause they’re pest and it’s fun
Cancer cells–where is their sanctity
Save the tumor!
Save the Viruses, Mildew, Bacteria, Crabs…
Aren’t they sacred?
Sanctity of Life is very selective,
We choose those forms of life we deem sacred
We kill the rest
We made it all up.


  • interesting 🙂 first of all im in favor of euthanasia IF the person is able to give consent, OR all other options have been tried with no success, and chances of that person ever being that person in case of coma are close to zero. but all things should be considered before making a final decision.

    in the example that u gave, it seems to me that the father just wanted to get rid of his responsibility. he got tired of taking care of the girl, hospital visits etc. and i can personally relate to this situation. my brother has muscular dystrophy. he used to be able to walk, now he cant. he's losing strength in his arms n slowly upper body too. but his brain works fine, he talks like a normal kid, thinks like a normal kid, has all the feelings that others have….but i know how hard it is to take care of him. just because he cant walk. and this little girl couldn't do anything for herself. so the father probably got frustrated one day n decided to kill her. i dont know wat i would've done if i were him. i know my dad would've done the same thing he did, and if it wasnt for my mom, he would've done it already.

    ur right we r hypocrite, we feel human life is somehow sacred or more sacred than other forms of life. but i think all forms of life r sacred. yes, i eat chicken, fish, cows, basically i cant live without meat. and i eat vegetables (not my fav),n fruits… so im eating both animals n plants. 2 forms of life! plus the bacteria associated with them 🙂 ur thinking if i cared, i wudnt eat them lol. this is embarassing but i do think abt it sometimes that the chicken im eating was probably a mother, had a family just like mine. or the fruit that im eating has the ability to become a new tree yet i destroy its potential. but thats just how it is. we r supposed to coexist. everything in moderation. animals n plants should only be killed for food. and even that, i dont agree with mass production of food like its done these days.
    as for viruses n bacteria, i dont think they should be killed either. we should coexist. as long as you dont bother them, they dont bother u. there r millions of bacteria that live on our body, they RARELY bother us. its only when WE change their environment that they become pathogenic. im gona give an example n this might gross u out (or not). women use female hygiene products that i feel r unnecessary. they change the pH of the vagina causing the bacteria living there, that can naturally kill any other bacteria that get in, to die. which then causes infections. WE change their environment, WE let other bacteria in that dont belong there. so we SHOULD expect disease, i dont know y ppl cant see the logic. and the more they “clean” the less acidic the environment becomes, and more infections–>more cleaning–>more infection….there was a microbiologist, probably one of the first few that observed bacteria. he said “organism is nothing, terrain is everything”. the reason y SARS, and bird flu n all those r emerging or re-emerging is because we have changed their natural environment. we can, and should coexist n not cause too much damage to each other.

    tumor cells…yea they r part of our own body so they shudn't be killed. but hey they can be used for other things. we don't have to kill them. i just feel a whole person that has come into this world has the right to live unless they themselves decide they dont wana live. im not talking abt suicide cuz they cant get into med school 🙂 but like euthanasia because of some terminal illness. but in any case another person shouldn't decide their life/death. i dont know watelse to say…sorry i kind of went off topic lol

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