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Inventing: Overrated.

Inventing is overrated. What you need is a framework to re-invent. Here's the catch: Think in terms of what others have done that you can model. A model that you can use as a blueprint for your innovation.

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The COVID Void

COVID has thought me an important lesson. Everything can turn around in a snap. It is teaching me to play and think defensively.

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When is the Right Time?

How to predict a market's futureThe usual advice you get when building something new is, "just do it". How about if you can look into the future and know if what you're doing is any good? Let's take an example: Say I want to get into the meal kit delivery

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The NPF Method: Building A Customer-First Tech Product

Regardless of what you know about computers or software, here’s one thing I can assure you: Today, building a software-based business is easier than ever.  I know, I know… you don’t believe me [yet] and that’s OK.  In this guide, you