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Demystifying Data Science: A Crash Course in Modern Business Analysis


Almost everyone believes they know what data science is until you ask them what it is: Really, Why Data Science? Until recently data science, and business analysis, were sometimes used interchangeably. In fact, it is difficult for you to distinguish between the roles of a business analyst and a data scientist in a small organization . In today’s [business] world of bigger data and cheaper...

Why Everything You Know About Mobile App Is A Lie- A Journey to Profitablity


Truth is, building a mobile app is simple, getting it profitable is hard. Too many guides and gurus online focus on the technical part of the process and often ignore the more difficult piece. Over the next few months, I will be focusing on that difficult bit. Here’s a documentation of my journey towards building a profitable mobile app. The app will be an “instacart” for ethnic...

A Simple Pragmatic Guide on Learning to Code


These days, everyone and their dogs want to learn to code – that’s fine, as long as you understand what you’re about to take on. Since I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, here’s my response. First an important point, sites like codeacademy, treehouse, etc. give a false sense of progress, skip those. If you want to really learn to code, you need 3 things: Focus, Determination and a...

On Music, Software and Honest Stupidity


There is a honest truth about a dishonesty. I will leave that details to another post. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to force my brain to be honestly stupid, which ironically lends to some creativity — through playing music. How? Watch this video, and think about it for a minute. [youtube=”;] When you’re done watching that video, here’s some honesty about...

Building a Product, Not Lines of Codes


Time developers spent discussing various product ideas could be more efficiently allocated to coding. But coders are people, not inputs to a code production engine. And the most valuable ones have product sense. They also know your product better than almost anyone else in the company. Keeping them out of the idea generation phase increases the chance that your startup is going to miss that next...

from the CVS to GitHib


Lately, I’ve been thinking about the many complexities of being in the software industry, specifically designing for the web. Of course, in the past, I’ve talked about how little colleges prepares one for the “real world” — and that’s a different story. If I haven’t lost you yet, I faced a recent challenge in converting a CVS codebase to a more modern Git...

The Sex of Dating & Programming


Dating is very bizarre, well, a lot of the time. I’m sure some people can boast of their success in that realm but one thing is certain: the more logical your mind becomes the harder it is to understand the emotional attachments involved in dating. Luckily, this lady understands the problem well and has suggested: A Geek’s Guide to Dating: Practical Algorithms for Engineers...

the 5-Minute Rule & Pomodoro


We have so many distractions today and it’s easier than ever to get nothing done, I recently read Kenny Werner’s excellent book, “Effortless Mastery” and it suggests (amongst many other techniques), the 5-Minute rule. Though the book is targeted at musicians, I think anyone will find it applicable. It suggests that the musician who is having trouble practicing should...

You are Not A Gadget


  Now there is Google Plus [1. A site sharing service by Google. Similar to Delicious], and if you don’t know what that is, consider yourself, 3 years ago asking, what is that “Twitter” thing. And somewhere, someone is developing something that will make us be more productive, at least they say, at the expense of? Or some online feature that will make us enjoy our internet...

Like a [Monty] Python


If you’re into writing computer programs, read this carefully and if you’re not, still get the general message. I recently encountered this (the Zen of Python) and just couldn’t just get over it: Beautiful is better than ugly Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. Flat is better than nested. Sparse is better than...

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