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How to Start a Career: An Adulting Guide


If I had the chance to sit down and give myself some advice when I started my career, this is what I’d say: Be Awesome At One Skill Don’t try to go for everything, pace yourself and get really good at one, and pick up others as you go along. The important skills in the world right now include (but not limited to): a. Sales and Marketing b. Programming c. Product Design d. Growth...

Becoming a Person of Impact


Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard five miles away? Like a lion, when you’re a person of impact, your effect is felt far and beyond. Here are my thoughts on becoming a person of impact: Get One thing Done, everyday: No matter what it is: Start your day, or end the day with getting something done. Finish it. You want to get momentum. Keep going, Life’s not fair: Get...

Thoughts on The Danish Way of Parent: Happy Kids and Antedotes (Book Review)


If you want an alternate opinion on raising kid, this is the book for you. This book is an easy easy read with interesting personal approach. I noticed lots of “this is a point, and here’s is how I applied it”. And, that brings it’s own issues of, “yea, it worked for them”, but but not me”. Well, don’t be so quick to judge [yet]. The writers...

Between the World and Me: The Problem with A Perception (Book Review)


Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates profiles what might not seem obvious, the “unknown” continious systematic segregation of the black skin. What makes this book slightly different from many others is him writing to his son (a young black teen) to help him understand, everything is not as peechy as it seem, the message is clear – you’re a young black man, you’re in a society that your...

A Guide to Distraction Free Writing with Evernote, Markdown & Sublime Text


When you’re ready to get serious with writing you will do two things: You will sit by your computer Close Microsoft Word (or other variants) and focus on `writing, writing words — just you and those words. This guide will walk you through setting up a lethal combination for distraction free writing: Evernote and Sublime Text. I’m sure you know Evernote, that magical tool that...

50 Ways I’m Trying to Get My Act Together


Live below my means, try hard to avoid all debt. If it’s really important if I can’t afford it now, I can save up for it, again, it can always wait. Just as important is saving — especially for emergencies. It will happen, I have to realize, it. Exercise. Everyday is ideal — we are meant to be active animals, sweat a bit everyday. I’m crazily addicted to this app. Be capable of...

Getting Up and Going in Life


One day you will wake up and it might seem like you’re up against a brick wall, it might seem all bleak. You’re not alone. Here’s some relieve: Every night, think of two things you’re grateful for, write them down. Even better, if they involve people, thank them; over the phone, via email, or in person. Try meditation. It relaxes your waring mind. If you have trouble...

How to Live Large even if you have Very Little


Here what you might not know about me: I’m very cheap frugal. I’v slept at subways, traveled around the world on practically nothing, paid cheap cash for living expenses, hustled free meals; if there’s a free way, you can bet, I might not be caught paying for it. I should add an important disclaimer, if you can afford it, always treat others and yourself, see why on point #17. Yup...

How to Be A Genius: Keep Showing Up


We often think that blockbuster successes are luck. Maybe it’s easier to explain success that way—as a chance happening, a fortunate outlier. No doubt, there is always some element of luck involved in every success story. But Markus Zusak [author of The Book Thief] is proof that if you revise your work 200 times—if you find 200 ways to reinvent yourself, to get better at your craft—then...

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