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The Art of Product

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Uncover the secrets to delivering software products that delights users and keeps them coming back in a distracted and competitive world?

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A Toolkit that will change your career forever

It’s now easier to bring apps to market as the barrier of entry is significantly reduced, what is harder is bringing your apps to the market meaningfully considering all the everything you need to get right.

There’s the other problem:

This knowledge is not accessible to an outsider — some don’t even know they exist. And if you know,  where do you even start — there’s so many things going on at once.

In this book, I’m bringing all the essential knowledge under “one-roof” to provide a crash course through all you need to know  to deliver your software with confidence.

The secrets you will uncover in this book:

Product Innovation

  • Getting Your Product Epiphany
  • What to Do First (hint: It’s not Building the Product)
  • Getting the Inspiration to Find Your “Hit”
  • Understanding the Myth of Facebook and Google especially what to “borrow” their successes for FREE
  • Going from Good to being Great

Getting DOMain Expertise

  • Influencing People Overnight (a big one if you want to get your project off the ground)
  • How to communicate clearly
  • All the hidden tricks to learning quickly and forever

Writing Software

  • How to learn when you shouldn’t write code
  • Discovering the truth on writing better software …from a painter
  • How to think like a programmer
  • Discover all the core pattern used to write the most popular products in the world
  • Never get tricked into accepting bad code as good code (Especially if you can’t write any code)

Managing your Product

  • Prevent the curse of a dysfunctional team
  • How to maintain radical focus and crush hard goals
  • Build predictable product roadmaps with confidence
  • Ship lean and profitable MVPs

Product Sales & Marketing

  • Understanding the profitability of your product
  • How to write selling offers baked directly into your product
  • Get your first product-fan

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An experienced technology strategist and software engineer with 10+ years of expertise overseeing the end-to-end product planning and development of digital applications with exceptional data security and UX. 

A Product Management leader, mobilizing global teams through complex development under demanding resource pressure and time tables.

Dele Omotosho Profile Picturw

Dele Omotosho Profile Picturw


Get THIS book and start your journey today

It’s now easier to bring applications to market as the barrier of entry is now significantly reduced, what is harder is bringing your apps to the market meaningfully considering all the inter-weaving domains that you need to know to make it happen.

Step  into a new whole and get the full picture to ship your product with confidence

  • Become a Product Innovator
  • Own the Domain Expertise
  • Master the Mechanics of Software Engineering
  • Be a Pro at Managing Your Product
  • Be a Pro at Product Sales & Marketing

Discover the Secrets Grab the book now!

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