Becoming a Person of Impact


Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard five miles away?

Like a lion, when you’re a person of impact, your effect is felt far and beyond.

Here are my thoughts on becoming a person of impact:

  1. Get One thing Done, everyday:

    No matter what it is:

    Start your day, or end the day with getting something done. Finish it. You want to get momentum.

  2. Keep going, Life’s not fair:

    Get over yourself. Stop sulking. Don’t act like the world revolves around you.

    Yes, Life is not fair.

    Today it’s you, yesterday it was someone else, and tomorrow, another, so it goes.

    What makes the difference are those that carry on. Carry on.

  3. Fail, it makes you stronger:

    I’m not afraid to fail.

    Not in that cliche, “fail forward” kind of way. I just know that it’s worse if I never tried.

    Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from going to the unknown.

    Your best is never in your comfort zone.

  4. Push Yourself — hard:

    Why do you want to be average?

    Push for what you want fircely, go after it passionately and ignore the naysayers.

  5. Stand up to the occassion:

    Will you be left wondering why you couldn’t have made it?

    When you’re called to take that gaint step. Even if it scares the crap out of you:

    Get up, and get it done.

  6. Give Hope:

    We’re all human after all.

    No matter the situation, it gets better, and that’s the calling we’re all in:

    To share hope to others.

  7. Don’t Quit.

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By Dele

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