How To Read Music At Lightning Speed: Bass Clef – Part 3


This is the third guide in our series on reading music at lighting speed (Part 1, Part 2). In this guide, we will be learning the final half: Bass clef. By now, I’m sure you’ve been practicing and can read something like this easily: If you’re not sure: Let’s Recap the Treble Clef From previous lessons, we learnt the treble clef has 5 lines and 4 spaces. And these are...

The Busy Person’s Guide to Music Practice


No matter how good you currently are, if you’re not practicing, you’re getting worse. Here’s some of my thoughts on approaching music practice, especially when you don’t have the time for it. The Mindset 1. There will never be time to practice. It’s very helpful to start from the premise that you won’t have the time. There will always be something else to...

As the Man Deceives the Woman


I’ve broken up twice this year, but that’s a story for another article. Don’t fall for the title or the content of this poem [1. This poem is a heavily modified variation of a similar one I put together for a friend]; I really don’t want to break the third heart before this year is over — I’m I just mean? Or I’m just a joker? Let’s start straight. Woman. This daughters of the most high —...

…Above All, Love


There are a lot of things that indeed do make the world go round, I’m trying to choose the best, or the worse or maybe one day I will choose one. There are times when I’m decieved, there are times that I decieve myself, there are time that I don’t know which I am am, deceiving or being decieved. The other day I thought about how much too many I have, another day I thought about...

Infesting a Passion


Last week Thursday (Feb 2nd,2011) I gave a talk at my alma mater using percussive drums to explain our connection to music and rhythms, it was commemorative of black history month. I have re-discovered myself. No, not in the sense of it being black history month, or if I was experiencing music for the first time; actually, I was experiencing music this way, for the first time. As I talked to the...

Colchester Blues


A contribution from my friend (who I hope wouldn’t be a stranger on here):
I stand here
I smile
at un-funny talks
I laught at
cold faces
Cold cold Colchester
Cold cold Essesx
Excess of human piety

Generally, it’s a struggle


After writing the previous post , my old friend from Nigeria called as if he had read the previous post, he explained the hardship [he’s facing] back home. Generally, I thought, everyone thinks theirs is the worse until they hear someone else’s story. I can complain about the religion, schooling and the fallacy of educating; what it all comes down to is, the essence and meaning our...

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