The Mis-education of Africans – 3


Following the previous blog post (a long break it seems); this section should really be titled: “The Mis-education of Non-African through their colonial masters” but that gets long and boring very fast.

How much do Africans in the diaspora really know about Africa, and their respective countries of origin — I’m not surprised that we [Africans] are continuing to live in the shadow of past ignorance, and [the] mentality that our White colonialist have brainwashed us with.

Now, I live in the whiteman’s land, I see even more of these ignorance being lived.

I’m thinking of Africa as the center of the world, not sure? And I’m hoping I can think of Africa the same.

Take a quick look at your world map (and join me in exploring (poetically), the story of an African’s dominance and our true place (inspired by my musical god: Fela Anikulapo Kuti)

In an age Afro-Ignorance. A seed they had sownAnd we continue to sprout

Ignorant action .

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By Dele
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