Between the World and Me: The Problem with A Perception (Book Review)


Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates profiles what might not seem obvious, the “unknown” continious systematic segregation of the black skin.

What makes this book slightly different from many others is him writing to his son (a young black teen) to help him understand, everything is not as peechy as it seem, the message is clear – you’re a young black man, you’re in a society that your life doesn’t count for much.

I’m writing this in 2016, the book was written in 2015, many of his point are true but it leaves a lot of stones unturned.

I’m a young black man and a lot of his point resonate with me but here’s where I’m lost: so… what do I (as a young black male) do about it?

I suspect this is a book explaining the situation to folks who don’t live this reality (or are deluded by the existence of this reality). What I’m wary of is, there’s so much talking about all this injustice and all, but that doesn’t stop it from happening (though it’s great that it’s being talked about, I still have to live this live).

If you’re a black person intended on reading this book, it has all you probably already know, what it doesn’t have is what you need to know: how to break the mold!

As a black young male (and folks in their lives), what this book leaves off, you can pick up from the brilliant: “The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life” by Kevin Powell and Hill Harper (every Black Man living in the US should read this book!) and “Black Man of the Nile” by Yosef ben-Jochannan. If you’re feeling particularly adventurious, take on Derrik Jensen’s The Culture of Make Believe.

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