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Deconstructing Learning


I started blogging second semester of my freshman year in college; some semesters later, graduation time calls and the question is, do I have anything to say about college life/experience/insight. Because I’ve forgotten most of what I learned freshman year (get the point?) and some semester after that, I think I’ve even forgotten most of what I was taught last and this past semester–after all, I...

The Gospel of my African Fathers


I’m thinking of going back to the roots of my culture and following in the religion of my fathers. My fore-fathers where Africans, they didn’t care about who Jesus was, or who the Holy Spirit is, or some Western God. Somehow, I’m feeling that the West has sold us lies in effort to draw us continually into conformity and make us forget our culture. I pointed out in an African Studies class that...

The Mis-education of Africans – 3


Following the previous blog post (a long break it seems); this section should really be titled: “The Mis-education of Non-African through their colonial masters” but that gets long and boring very fast. How much do Africans in the diaspora really know about Africa, and their respective countries of origin — I’m not surprised that we [Africans] are continuing to live in the shadow of past...

The Miseducation of Africans


Africans have a problem and that problem is Africa. Africa has a problem too, and that that problem is Africa. As an African, I and many Africans find it easier to blame the West (yes, they do play a part), or to blame the continent’s topography or more often, we can blame voodoo. Whichever we can choose to blame, how much have we blamed ourselves? And, not that self-pity of Bill Gates helping...