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Want to be the most efficient lawyer you know?

You've come to the right place.

You will learn all you need to improve your process, get better at knowledge management and "just-enough" technology.

You already know that all the "popular" advice on the business of software might work in US or Europe. If you're in Lagos, Nairobi or Johannesburg, trust me, things are different. Very different. Dear friend, you don't want to find out the hard way.

These markets are my expertise. I share my battle-tested tips and playbooks here.

I want to help you solve hard problems faster, with less trial and error; help you make profits from your software products sooner without VC funding or wishful thinking.

Why me?

I've spent 10+ years overseeing end-to-end product planning and development of software applications with exceptional data security and UX with companies like Lufthansa German, Verivo Software, Wireless Analytics (now MOTUS) and significantly...

I run a bootstrapped software company based in Lagos, Nigeria. And yes, it's run as an open company, a method I'm pioneering for African software companies.

I'm not a guru sharing hypothetical. I don't know "ninja" tricks or "hacks". I don't know about or believe in VC-funding or wishful thinking.

I know building software, I know marketing software. I understand B2B, B2C, pipelines and churns. I focus on a market-driven, profit-first approach to software.

Like you, I'm in the trenches; sharing my playbook to save you the painful trial and errors.

Welcome 🙏🏿